StabilusTailgate Boot Gas Struts LR086368

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Stabilus Tailgate Boot Gas Struts LR086368


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DISCOVERY 4 2010 – 2016


The StabilusTailgate Boot Gas Struts of these gas struts’ engineering is to give the tailgate/boot regulated support when it opens and closes. The gas struts stretch when the tailgate/boot is unlatched, applying a controlled force to raise and maintain the tailgate/boot in an open position. On the other hand, the gas struts compress when the tailgate/boot is closed, allowing it to descend smoothly into position. This system guarantees smooth functioning and improves vehicle owners’ convenience while entering the cargo area.


The Tailgate Boot Gas Struts LR086368 are made with sturdy materials and precise engineering by StabilusTailgate Boot Gas Struts, a reputable manufacturer of premium automotive parts. To guarantee their dependability, longevity, and steady performance over time, they go through rigorous testing. These gas struts, which are made to withstand frequent use and exposure to a variety of environmental factors, continue to function and remain intact, offering dependable support for the vehicle’s boot or tailgate.


The Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender models are just a few of the Land Rover automobiles for which the LR086368 gas struts are specifically made to work. The StabilusTailgate Boot Gas Struts gas struts are designed to precisely match the requirements of the vehicle’s boot/tailgate assembly, guaranteeing a secure fit and smooth operation. They easily integrate with the current mounting locations and hardware, making installation simple and operation dependable.

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