Eurospares Tailgate Boot Gas Struts LR086368

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Eurospares Tailgate Boot Gas Struts LR086368


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DISCOVERY 4 2010 – 2016


The Eurospares Tailgate Boot Gas Struts crafted shape of these gas struts allows for controlled support during the opening and shutting of the tailgate/boot. When the tailgate/boot is unlatched, the gas struts expand and exert a controlled force to raise and hold the tailgate/boot open with ease. On the other hand, the gas struts compress and the tailgate/boot is softly lowered into place when it is closed. This system makes sure that everything works smoothly and conveniently, making it simple to reach the vehicle’s cargo area.


Produced by Eurospares Tailgate Boot Gas Struts, a reliable source for premium car parts, the Tailgate Boot Gas Struts LR086368 are known for their exceptional longevity and craftsmanship. These gas struts are designed to endure the rigors of regular use and aggressive environmental conditions since they are made of high-quality materials and are put through stringent quality control procedures. They provide dependable operation and steady support for the car’s boot and tailgate for an extended period of time.


The Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender are just a few of the Land Rover vehicles with which the LR086368 gas struts are specifically designed to work. With their precise design to match the vehicle’s tailgate/boot assembly, these Eurospares gas struts provide a smooth and accurate fit. The mounting points and hardware that are already in place can be easily interfaced with them, making installation simple and reliable operation possible. 

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