Rolcar Rear Window Regulator LR060139

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Rolcar Rear Window Regulator LR060139


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FREELANDER 2 2006 – 2014

The Rolcar Rear Window Regulator LR060139 is a crucial part meant to make the rear window of cars operate smoothly. This regulator, which was designed by reputable auto parts supplier Rolcar, guarantees accurate control and dependable operation of the rear window mechanism. Constructed with longevity and efficiency in mind, LR060139 provides a solid option for changing worn-out or broken rear window regulators.


The mechanism in charge of rising and lowering the car’s rear window is called LR060139. Upon activation, the regulator interacts with the window mechanism, exerting regulated force to raise or lower the window as required. Its exact structure and design make it possible for it to operate smoothly and effectively, enabling the rear window to be easily adjusted to control view and ventilation within the car.


High-quality components are a core value of Rolcar’s production process, and the Rear Window Regulator LR060139 is a testament to this commitment to excellence. Crafted from robust materials and put through stringent quality assurance procedures, this regulator satisfies exacting requirements for dependability and lifespan. Owing to Rolcar’s renown for fine craftsmanship, car owners can have faith in the LR060139’s longevity and functionality.


 LR060139 provides an accurate and dependable rear window control system by fitting smoothly into compatible car models. Its compatibility guarantees that it will line up correctly with the window mechanism, making installation and operation simple. Convenience and comfort are afforded to car occupants when LR060139, a replacement component for a malfunctioning regulator or for normal maintenance, brings back the functionality of the rear window.

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