Land Rover Genuine Rear Window Regulator LR060139

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Land Rover Genuine Rear Window Regulator LR060139


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FREELANDER 2 2006 – 2014

LR060139, the Land Rover Genuine back Window Regulator, is a crucial part of the car’s window system that is made especially for the back window. This authentic regulator, which is made with durability and precision, makes it possible for the rear window to operate smoothly and dependably, giving car occupants ease and utility. Vehicle owners can have faith in the dependability and efficiency of LR060139 because it is engineered to satisfy Land Rover’s exacting quality requirements.

Window Operation:

 LR060139 is in charge of managing the rear window’s movement, enabling the driver or passengers to raise or lower it as needed. The regulator guarantees smooth and accurate operation of the rear window, improving the overall comfort and convenience of the vehicle’s interior, whether it is adjusted for ventilation, communication, or visibility.


Material and Construction: 

Made of premium components, LR060139 is designed to endure regular use’s rigors and offer persistent endurance. Stability and dependability are guaranteed by the regulator’s sturdy design, even in the face of changing weather and road conditions. Its fine craftsmanship and exact design guarantee easy window operation without sacrificing performance or safety.

Compatibility and Fitment:

 Land Rover models with appropriate rear window configurations are specially intended to be fitted with LR060139. Its exact measurements and mounting locations guarantee a tight fit and simple installation, enabling a smooth transition with the car’s window system. When LR060139 is utilized, either as a replacement component or for routine maintenance, the rear window’s functioning is restored, guaranteeing the best possible performance and convenience for the occupants of the vehicle.

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