Moog Front Suspension Arm LR007205

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Moog Front Suspension Arm LR007205


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FREELANDER 2 2006 – 2014


The Moog Front Suspension Arm LR007205 is a vital component of the front suspension system that connects the wheel hub to the vehicle’s chassis. Because of its stability and support, the road irregularities may be absorbed and movements can be controlled. The suspension arm’s structure and design are geared at withstanding daily driving challenges, guaranteeing accurate wheel alignment and reliable performance on a range of road conditions. This suspension arm offers a smoother ride and better driving dynamics due to its reduced vibration transmission and improved handling characteristics.


The Moog Front Suspension Arm LR007205 is built with premium materials and has undergone extensive testing to ensure its remarkable reliability and longevity. Its sturdy construction and coating that resists corrosion offer defense against rust, corrosion, and early wear, guaranteeing enduring functionality and a longer service life. This suspension arm gives car owners piece of mind because it is designed to match or surpass OEM requirements while maintaining its structural integrity and performance qualities even under rough driving conditions.


The Moog Front Suspension Arm LR007205 is developed to smoothly integrate into certain vehicle models, ensuring accurate fitting and compatibility. Its OEM-compliant dimensions, mounting locations, and geometry guarantee simple installation and accurate alignment inside the front suspension system. This suspension arm maintains the integrity and functionality of the vehicle’s suspension system by ensuring compatibility with other parts, whether it is used as a direct replacement or as part of an upgrade.

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