Meyle Front Suspension Arm LR007205

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Meyle Front Suspension Arm LR007205


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FREELANDER 2 2006 – 2014


The Meyle Front Suspension Arm LR007205 is a crucial component of the front suspension system that connects the wheel hub to the chassis, enabling regulated movement and the absorption of shocks and vibrations from the road. It is made to endure the pressures and strains that come with driving a car, guaranteeing accurate wheel alignment, better steering responsiveness, and better driving dynamics. The exact geometry and sturdy design of the suspension arm aid in maintaining correct wheel alignment, which lowers tire wear and improves overall vehicle safety.


The Meyle Front Suspension Arm LR007205 is made of premium materials and is manufactured to meet strict specifications, providing it with outstanding longevity. Its durable design and protective coating offer defense against adverse environmental factors, guaranteeing dependable operation and a longer service life. In order to achieve strict quality control standards, the suspension arm is put through a rigorous testing process that ensures its durability and reliability throughout a range of driving circumstances.


The Meyle Front Suspension Arm LR007205 is made to work with a certain vehicle model. It guarantees a correct fit and seamless integration into the front suspension system. Its exact engineering ensures that its dimensions, mounting locations, and geometry meet or beyond OEM standards, facilitating a smooth installation and compatibility with other suspension parts. This suspension arm maintains the performance and integrity of the vehicle’s suspension system by ensuring compatibility and reliability whether it is utilized as a replacement part or during car construction.

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