Land Rover Genuine Rear Evaporator LR066866

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Land Rover Genuine Rear Evaporator LR066866


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DISCOVERY 4 2010 – 2016

The Land Rover Genuine Rear Evaporator LR066866 is an essential part of the air conditioning system of the car. Its job is to remove heat from the air to help with cooling. This authentic evaporator, which is made with durability and accuracy, guarantees effective cooling, improving passenger comfort in the back of the car. Engineered to satisfy Land Rover’s exacting quality requirements, LR066866 gives car owners assurance regarding its dependability and efficiency in preserving a cozy interior climate.


LR066866 collects heat from the air that passes over its fins as part of the refrigeration cycle of the air conditioning system. The refrigerant within the evaporator coils absorbs the heat energy from the warm air as it passes through them, turning it into a gas that evaporates. Through this process, the air is cooled and then recirculated inside the car, giving the backseat passengers a comfortable environment.


 The Rear Evaporator LR066866 is put through a rigorous testing process as a Land Rover Genuine part to ensure exceptional quality and durability. Built with premium components and designed to endure the rigorous demands of the air conditioning system, this authentic evaporator satisfies Land Rover’s exacting requirements for dependability and performance. Land Rover owners can rely on the durability and efficiency of LR066866 for their air conditioning requirements by selecting original OEM components.


 LR066866 offers precise fitment and air conditioning system compatibility because it is made especially to fit Land Rover vehicles. Its well-engineered design guarantees correct alignment and integration with other parts, making installation and operation simple. LR066866, whether used as a replacement part or for routine maintenance, allows the air conditioning system to cool down again, giving passengers a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

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