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AllMakes 4X4

Thermostat/Housing # TM12105 # PEL000060


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RANGE ROVER 2002 – 2009 – M62 B44 4.4 V8 Petrol

Description: Designed to enhance the cooling system and control engine temperature in a range of 4×4 cars, the AllMakes 4X4 Thermostat/Housing PEL000060 is a precision-engineered part. This thermostat and housing assembly is made by AllMakes 4X4, a reputable brand in aftermarket car parts, and is designed to provide dependable operation and effective cooling for a variety of applications.

Operating principle: 

The AllMakes 4X4 Thermostat/Housing PEL000060 operates by controlling engine temperature. By regulating the coolant flow, the thermostat enables the engine to achieve and sustain the ideal operating temperature. The housing gives the thermostat a safe, enclosed environment that guarantees optimal performance. When combined, they help the engine cool down effectively, avoiding overheating and fostering peak performance.


High-quality aftermarket parts are AllMakes 4X4’s specialty, and the PEL000060 Thermostat/Housing is no different. With its sturdy construction and rigorous quality control procedures, this assembly either meets or surpasses industry standards. The end product is a sturdy and dependable part that guarantees the cooling system of the car operates efficiently.


The engine temperature may be kept within the specified range with remarkable precision by the AllMakes 4X4 Thermostat/Housing PEL000060. Because of its precise construction, it can regulate temperature effectively, avoiding overheating and underheating. The PEL000060 is a trustworthy option for anyone looking for a dependable thermostat and housing assembly because of its capacity, which is crucial for the engine’s general health and efficiency.


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Range Rover


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