Land Rover Genuine Front Brake Wear Sensor SEM000024

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Land Rover Genuine Front Brake Wear Sensor SEM000024


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Working Principle: 

The Land Rover Genuine Sensor SEM000024 continuously measures the thickness of the front brake pads as they deteriorate over time thanks to its sophisticated sensor technology. The sensor recognises the wear on the brake pads and notifies the onboard computer system of the car when this change occurs. This signal causes the dashboard to illuminate with a warning light, informing the driver that brake pads need to be changed. This ensures prompt maintenance and the best possible braking efficiency.

Reliability and Quality:

Produced in compliance with Land Rover Genuine exacting quality requirements, the Front Brake Wear Sensor SEM000024 provides outstanding dependability and longevity. This authentic wear sensor is built to endure the rigours of daily driving and various road conditions thanks to its precision engineering and high-quality construction. Drivers can be confident in its performance and dependability because of its sturdy structure, which guarantees precise detection of brake pad wear.


The Front Brake Wear Sensor SEM000024 is a genuine Land Rover part that is carefully designed to fit a number of Land Rover models. Its precise fit and compatibility guarantee a smooth transition with the car’s braking system, making installation simple and dependable. This wear sensor offers guarantee of compatibility and performance, satisfying the strict criteria of Land Rover vehicles, thanks to its OEM-quality construction and accurate tolerances.

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