Allmakes 4×4 Front Brake Wear Sensor SEM000024

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Allmakes 4×4 Front Brake Wear Sensor SEM000024


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Working Principle: 

Employing innovative sensor technology, the Front Brake Wear Sensor SEM000024 continually measures the thickness of the front brake pads as they steadily wear down over time. When the brake pads reach a specified amount of wear, the sensor recognises this change and delivers a signal to the vehicle’s internal computer system. This signal activates a warning indication on the dashboard, alerting the driver to the need for brake pad replacement, so assuring prompt maintenance and keeping optimal braking efficiency.

Quality and dependability: 

Manufactured to satisfy high quality requirements, the Front Brake Wear Sensor SEM000024 from Allmakes 4×4 offers great dependability and durability. Engineered with high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship, this wear sensor is designed to resist the challenges of regular driving and various road conditions. Its strong structure provides accurate detection of brake pad wear, instilling trust in its performance and lifespan.


As an Allmakes 4×4 component, the Front Brake Wear Sensor SEM000024 is specifically designed to fit certain vehicle models. Its exact fit and compatibility allow flawless integration with the vehicle’s brake system, facilitating uncomplicated installation and trustworthy operation. With its OEM-quality construction and fine tolerances, this wear sensor gives guarantee of compatibility and performance, matching the specifications of numerous 4×4 vehicles.

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