Land Rover Genuine Air Con Pipe LR072191

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Land Rover Genuine Air Con Pipe LR072191


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A vital part of the car’s air conditioning system, the Land Rover Genuine Air Con Pipe LR072191 is made to make it easier for refrigerants to move between different parts. This authentic pipe, which is made with durability and accuracy, guarantees effective circulation of refrigerant, which helps to effectively cool the inside of the car. Vehicle owners can have faith in the dependability and efficiency of LR072191 because it is engineered to fulfill Land Rover’s exacting quality requirements.


 The LR072191 serves as a conduit for refrigerant, moving it between the air conditioning system’s compressor, condenser, evaporator, and other parts. The refrigerant is channeled through the system by LR072191 as the compressor pressurizes it. There, it experiences phase shifts that allow it to absorb and release heat, thereby cooling the air that is circulated throughout the car. Its exact design and selection of materials guarantee correct flow and containment of refrigerant, enabling the air conditioning system to run more effectively.


 The Air Con Pipe LR072191 is a Land Rover Genuine item that goes through extensive testing to guarantee exceptional quality and longevity. This genuine pipe satisfies Land Rover’s exacting criteria for performance and dependability since it is made of premium materials and is designed to handle the pressures and temperatures connected with refrigerant flow. When it comes to their air conditioning requirements, drivers can rely on the durability and efficiency of LR072191.


 LR072191 is made especially to fit Land Rover automobiles, providing exact fit and Air Con Pipe conditioning system compatibility. Its well-engineered design guarantees correct alignment and integration with adjacent parts, making installation and operation simple. LR072191 replenishes the air conditioning system’s capacity for refrigerant circulation, whether it is used as a replacement part or for normal maintenance. This guarantees effective cooling and comfortable travel for passengers.

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