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Gkn boot kit LR058030


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Gkn boot kit LR058030

FREELANDER 2 2006 – 2014


The GKN Boot Kit LR058030 is a premium replacement part made specifically for Land Rover automobiles. This boot kit, which is made with precision engineering and strict manufacturing standards, guarantees dependable performance and durability while protecting important drivetrain parts.


The boot kit, which is installed on the driveshaft of the car, protects the CV (constant velocity) joint from debris, filth, and moisture while enabling the driveshaft to articulate smoothly. It ensures that the drivetrain system operates at its best by assisting in maintaining adequate lubrication and preventing premature wear and damage to the CV joint. The GKN Boot Kit LR058030 offers the CV joint long-lasting protection by being made to endure the rigors of off-road driving and severe environmental conditions.


The Boot Kit LR058030 is a testament to GKN’s dedication to quality and robustness. It is put through extensive testing to ensure that it meets demanding performance criteria. Made from high-quality materials like thermoplastics or reinforced rubber, this boot kit provides remarkable resistance against rips, tears, and deterioration from heat, oils, and pollutants. Long-lasting performance and dependability in challenging driving conditions are guaranteed by its sturdy design.


 The GKN Boot Kit LR058030, made especially for Land Rover vehicles, ensures a smooth and seamless connection with the vehicle’s drivetrain components. Its engineering and exact measurements guarantee a good fit and simple installation, making maintenance and repair processes more effective. GKN’s reputation for accuracy and compatibility is upheld by this boot kit, which may be utilized for drivetrain restoration projects or as a replacement part during routine servicing.

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