Allmakes 4×4 boot kit LR058030

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Allmakes 4×4  boot kit LR058030


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FREELANDER 2 2006 – 2014



Rubber boots, clamps, and grease are among the necessary parts of the boot kit that are needed to keep the axle shafts and CV joints in good condition. By sealing the CV joint, these boots stop impurities like water, dirt, and debris from getting inside and harming the internal parts. The drivetrain components are carefully protected and given a tight seal by the Allmakes 4×4 Boot Kit LR058030, which guarantees maximum lifetime and performance.


The Boot Kit LR058030 is made by Allmakes 4×4, a reputable manufacturer of aftermarket car parts. It is made of premium materials that provide outstanding flexibility, durability, and wear resistance. Extreme temperatures, vibrations, and mechanical strains encountered during vehicle operation are all engineered to be withstood by the rubber boots. The purpose of the provided grease is to protect and lubricate the CV joint while reducing wear and friction. Every part is put through a rigorous testing process to guarantee dependability and performance under tough driving circumstances.


The Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender models are just a few of the Land Rover automobiles with which the LR058030 boot kit is specifically made to work. This Allmakes 4×4 component guarantees correct installation and seamless integration since it is engineered to precisely match the specifications of each vehicle’s drivetrain configuration. Whether doing regular upkeep or changing out broken footwear.

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