ES Rear Brake Disc 2x LR061388

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ES Rear Brake Disc 2x LR061388


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Designed to provide dependable and efficient stopping force, the ES Rear Brake Disc 2x LR061388 is a crucial part of a car’s braking system. These brake discs are made by ES, a reputable provider of automotive parts, and are designed to fulfill exacting performance and quality criteria. LR061388 improves safety and control on the road by giving drivers confidence in their car’s braking capabilities through precise engineering and sturdy construction.


 LR061388 serves as the friction surface that the brake pads rub against when applying pressure during braking operations. The brake pads clamp onto the surface of the brake discs when the brake pedal is depressed, transferring hydraulic pressure to the brake calipers. This frictional force causes the wheels to rotate more slowly, enabling the car to stop safely and decelerate under control. The exact design of LR061388 guarantees maximum heat dissipation and reliable braking throughout a range of operating circumstances.


 ES is dedicated to manufacturing automobile parts of the highest caliber, and the Rear Brake Disc 2x LR061388 is no exception. These brake discs are built using high-quality components and extensive testing to ensure they exceed ES’s exacting requirements for performance, dependability, and longevity. Over the course of the vehicle’s lifetime, drivers can rely on LR061388 to provide consistent braking performance and longevity.


 LR061388 offers adaptability and dependable braking performance, and it is engineered to fit and work with a broad variety of automobiles. Its well-engineered design makes sure that brake calipers and other braking components align properly, making installation and operation simple. Drivers may drive with confidence and peace of mind when they install LR061388, whether it is a replacement part or component placed as part of routine maintenance. It restores the braking capability and safety of automobiles.

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