Ate Rear Brake Disc 2x LR061388

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Ate Rear Brake Disc 2x LR061388


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A Rear Brake Disc 2x LR061388 is a vital part of the braking system that is designed to provide automobiles with consistent stopping power. These brake discs are made by Ate, a reputable supplier of car braking parts, and they provide excellent performance and longevity. LR061388, which was designed with accuracy and compatibility in mind, guarantees reliable braking performance and safety while satisfying the varied demands of drivers in a range of driving scenarios.

Operating principle:

 LR061388 serves as the friction surface that the Rear Brake Disc grip onto while applying force. The brake pads press up on the brake disc surface when the brake pedal is depressed, applying hydraulic pressure to the brake calipers. Safe and controlled braking is made possible by the friction that produces the force required to slow down or stop the wheels from rotating. The exact design of the LR061388 guarantees effective heat dissipation and reliable operation even in severe driving situations.


 To guarantee exceptional performance and longevity, Ate manufactures the Rear Brake Disc 2x LR061388 and subjects it to stringent quality control methods. These brake discs exceed Ate’s exacting requirements for dependability and longevity since they are made of premium materials and are designed to endure the extreme heat and strain of braking. For their braking needs, drivers can rely on LR061388’s quality and efficacy, giving them peace of mind while driving.


 LR061388 offers adaptability and dependable braking performance, and it is engineered to fit and work with a broad variety of automobiles. Its well-engineered construction guarantees accurate alignment with brake calipers and other brake parts, making installation and use simple. Installed as a replacement component or as part of normal maintenance, LR061388 gives drivers confidence when performing brake manoeuvres by restoring the vehicle’s braking capacity and safety.

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