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Bosch Oxygen Sensor MHK000220


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RANGE ROVER 2002 – 2009

The vehicle’s engine management system relies heavily on the Bosch Oxygen Sensor MHK000220, which is in charge of tracking and controlling the amount of oxygen in exhaust fumes. This oxygen sensor, made by the well-known automotive sensor company Bosch, is engineered to be both durable and precise, guaranteeing the best possible fuel economy, engine performance, and emissions control. Car owners may trust in the dependability and efficiency of MHK000220 because it was made to exacting quality standards.


The MHK000220 oxygen sensor detects the amount of oxygen in exhaust fumes and transmits this information to the engine control unit (ECU) of the car. The ECU modifies the air-fuel mixture in response to this data in order to minimize emissions, optimize engine performance, and ensure efficient combustion. Through constant oxygen level monitoring, MHK000220 helps to minimize hazardous emissions and maintain appropriate fuel economy.

Material and Construction:

 The MHK000220 oxygen sensor is built to endure the severe conditions of the exhaust system using premium materials. The sensor element is made to function reliably in a variety of operating temperatures and circumstances by measuring oxygen levels. Its sturdy design guarantees dependability and longevity, delivering steady performance over time.

Fit and Compatibility: 

The MHK000220 oxygen sensor is made especially to work with a range of car models that have matching engine combinations. Its exact measurements guarantee a snug fit and simple installation, allowing for easy connection with the exhaust system of the car. MHK000220 restores the best possible engine performance and emissions control, whether it is used as part of periodic maintenance or as a replacement.

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