Land Rover Genuine Oxygen Sensor MHK000220

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Land Rover Genuine Oxygen Sensor MHK000220


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RANGE ROVER 2002 – 2009

The oxygen levels in the exhaust gasses are monitored and controlled by the Land Rover Genuine Oxygen Sensor MHK000220, a vital part of the engine management system of the car. This oxygen sensor, made with precision and durability by Land Rover, a reputable automaker, guarantees the best possible engine performance, fuel economy, and emissions management. Vehicle owners may have faith in the dependability and efficiency of MHK000220 because it is engineered to fulfill Land Rover’s exacting quality requirements.


The engine control unit (ECU) of the car receives information from the MHK000220 oxygen sensor, which monitors the amount of oxygen in the exhaust fumes. The ECU modifies the air-fuel mixture in response to this data to guarantee effective combustion, peak engine performance, and lower emissions. MHK000220 serves to prevent hazardous emissions and ensure appropriate fuel economy by continuously checking the oxygen levels.

Material and Construction:

 The MHK000220 oxygen sensor is built to endure the severe conditions of the exhaust system using premium materials. The sensor element can precisely measure oxygen levels in a variety of working environments and temperatures. Its sturdy design guarantees dependability and longevity, enabling prolonged use.

Fit and Compatibility: 

The MHK000220 oxygen sensor is made especially to work with a variety of Land Rover vehicles that have matching engine combinations. Its exact measurements guarantee a snug fit and simple installation, enabling a smooth transition with the car’s exhaust system. MHK000220 restores the best possible engine performance and emissions control, whether it is used as part of periodic maintenance or as a replacement.

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