AllMakes 4×4 Front Height Sensor LR020473

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AllMakes 4×4 Front Height Sensor LR020473


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AllMakes 4×4 Front Height Sensor LR020473


A key part intended to enable accurate ride height control and adjustment is the AllMakes 4×4 Front Height Sensor LR020473. This height sensor, which is precision-engineered and made to high standards, is essential to preserving the best possible suspension performance and ride comfort.


Use: Measuring the distance between the vehicle’s chassis and the ground is the main use of the 4×4 Front Height Sensor LR020473. This sensor allows the suspension system of the car to receive real-time data and automatically adjust the ride height according to load factors and driving circumstances. This guarantees stability, enough ground clearance, and passenger and cargo comfort.

Accurate Engineering Precision:

The AllMakes 4×4 Front Height Sensor LR020473 is a finely crafted product that is designed to provide precise measurements in a variety of driving conditions. Its robust design and cutting-edge sensor technology guarantee dependable operation even in adverse weather and topography. 4×4 expects its sensors to fulfill strict quality standards, thus each one is put through a thorough testing process.


The AllMakes 4×4 Front Height Sensor LR020473 is made especially to fit a variety of truck, SUV, and off-road vehicle models. Its exact measurements and OEM standards guarantee maximum functioning and performance by ensuring a seamless integration with the vehicle’s suspension system. This height sensor offers consistent and trustworthy performance, whether it is being used for off-road activities or daily commuting.

Enhanced Driving Experience: 

The Front Height Sensor LR020473 improves vehicle handling, stability, and fuel efficiency by keeping the ride height at the proper level. It helps make rides more comfortable and boosts driver confidence, especially in difficult driving situations. Drivers can rely on the durability and dependability of their car’s suspension system when they choose AllMakes 4×4 parts.

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