Raptor 4X4 Power Steering Box (LHD) QAF500120

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Raptor 4X4

Power Steering Box (LHD) # QAF500120


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Raptor 4X4 Power Steering Box (LHD) QAF500120

The QAF500120 Raptor 4X4 Power Steering Box (Left-Hand Drive) is an excellent aftermarket part that improves the steering performance of off-road vehicles, especially those with left-hand drive setups. The QAF500120 power steering box is made by the reliable off-road accessory supplier Raptor 4X4. It is designed to last and provide better steering control.


DEFENDER 1987 – 2006


Improved Steering Control: 

During off-road excursions, the QAF500120 power steering box’s improved steering response offers greater control.

Left-Hand Drive Configuration:

 Made especially for cars with left-hand drive, this configuration is compatible with the steering arrangement that is typically found in different parts of the world.


Better Off-Road Steering: This improves steering response to allow for more mobility when going off-road.Designed specifically for cars with left-hand drive setups, guaranteeing a good fit and appropriate operation.The QAF500120 power steering box was made with toughness in mind, making it capable of withstanding the rigors of off-road driving circumstances.

For off-road enthusiasts looking for better steering performance, the Raptor 4X4 Power Steering Box (Left-Hand Drive) QAF500120 is a dependable aftermarket improvement. For left-hand drive off-road vehicles traversing a variety of terrains, the QAF500120 is a useful upgrade, with an emphasis on durability, compatibility, and improved handling.

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