Trico Rear Window Wiper DKB500680

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Trico Rear Window Wiper DKB500680


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DISCOVERY 4 2010 – 2016


For use on car rear windows, the dependable Trico Rear Window Wiper DKB500680 is a replacement wiper blade. It is produced by Trico, a reputable business in the automotive sector that is well-known for making superior wiper blades. The wiper blade’s shape ensures clean view through the rear window in all weather situations by delivering efficient and effective wiping performance.


Like other wiper blades, the Trico back Window Wiper DKB500680 removes water, dirt, and debris from the back window using a rubber blade. The wiper arm ensures that the whole window is cleaned by moving the blade over it when it is triggered. For best wiping performance, the rubber blade’s flexible shape enables it to stay in touch with the glass even while the wiper arm swings back and forth.


Because the Trico Rear Window Wiper DKB500680 is constructed from premium materials, it will endure a long time and work well. Because the rubber blade is designed to withstand abrasion, its wiping ability will not diminish with time. To ensure that it can endure exposure to the environment without degrading, the wiper blade is also designed to be resistant to UV radiation and inclement weather. Furthermore, the Trico Rear Window Wiper DKB500680 is produced in accordance with tight quality requirements, guaranteeing durability and dependable operation.

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