Oem Brake Pads SFP000260

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Oem Brake Pads SFP000260


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DEFENDER 1987 – 2006

DEFENDER 2007 – 2016

Better Braking Efficiency:

OEM Brake Pads SFP000260 are engineered with premium friction materials and cutting-edge technology to provide exceptional braking performance in a range of driving scenarios. When it comes to safe and controlled stops, these brake pads offer constant and responsive braking, whether driving on city streets or highways.

Decreased noise and vibration: 

OEM Brake Pads SFP000260 are designed with features that reduce noise and vibration when braking. With the use of precise manufacturing techniques and optimal materials, these brake pads efficiently lessen vibration and squealing, improving your and your passengers’ comfort while driving. When you install on your car, you may enjoy quiet and smooth braking.

Minimal Brake Dust:

Minimal Brake Dust SFP000260 are designed to reduce the buildup of brake dust, which helps preserve beauty and cleanliness. Because of their design and composition, they produce less brake dust, which keeps your wheels cleaner for longer and maintains the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.

Durability and Longevity: 

OEM Brake Pads SFP000260 are incredibly durable and long-lasting since they are made to exacting quality standards. Because of their sturdy design and premium materials, they provide an Oem Brake Pads service life that lowers the need for brake pad replacements and gives drivers confidence.

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