OEM Brake Light Switch LR032956

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OEM Brake Light Switch LR032956


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FREELANDER 2 2006 – 2014



The OEM Brake Light Switch LR032956 is located inside the brake pedal assembly and is activated when pressure is applied to the brake pedal. When it is turned on, it completes the electrical circuit and lights up the brake lights on the back of the car. By instantly alerting oncoming traffic of the vehicle’s slowing down or stopping, this action improves overall road safety and reduces the risk of rear-end incidents.


To satisfy industry standards, the OEM Brake Light Switch LR032956, which is an excellent example of craftsmanship, goes through extensive testing. With its precise engineering and premium material construction, this switch guarantees dependable operation in a range of driving scenarios. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and reliable performance over time by providing resistance to wear.


The Brake Light Switch LR032956 is compatible with a broad variety of vehicles that have the matching brake light system arrangement. It is designed to be an OEM replacement. This switch fits into the electrical system of any vehicle, whether it is mounted in a car, truck, or SUV. Its exact fitting makes installation simple and hassle-free, maintaining usefulness and safety without sacrificing safety.

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