Nissens Oil Cooler LR041257

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Nissens Oil Cooler LR041257


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Nissens Oil Cooler LR041257

FREELANDER 2 2006 – 2014

The Nissens Oil Cooler LR041257 is a premium replacement component for the engine cooling system of your Land Rover car. The purpose of this oil cooler is to assist in controlling the engine oil’s temperature, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and extended engine life. Constructed from sturdy materials, the Nissens oil cooler offers dependable functionality and is an affordable substitute for original Land Rover components.

Operating principle:

 Engine oil is circulated through a network of fins or tubes that are cooled by coolant or air to operate the oil cooler. The cooler cools the oil as it moves through it, assisting in controlling its temperature. This is essential to avoid oil overheating, which may harm engines and cause them to perform worse.


The Nissens Oil Cooler LR041257 is designed to function as well as or better than the original component. Its long-lasting durability and dependable performance are intended to keep your engine cool and operate at its best. The oil cooler is put through a thorough testing process to make sure it satisfies quality requirements and operates dependably.


A variety of Land Rover vehicles are intended to be compatible with the Nissens Oil Cooler LR041257. To guarantee correct installation, it is crucial to confirm compatibility with your particular car before making a purchase. For precise compatibility information, it is advised to speak with a qualified technician or reference the owner’s handbook.

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