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Engine Oil cooler & Oil Filter Assembly # LR113200


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The 7143220017 oil filter, which is made by the reliable automotive parts provider Meyle, is specifically designed to fit Land Rover vehicles. This filter is Nissens Engine Oil with premium materials and is intended to offer long-lasting, efficient filtering.


As engine oil passes through the lubrication system, the main job of the 7143220017 oil filter is to collect and filter out impurities and pollutants. This Nissens Engine Oil stops debris, metal shavings, and other particles from circulating and possibly damaging important engine parts.


The LR096524 oil filter satisfies the high standards that Meinele is dedicated to meeting in the production of automotive components. The filter is subjected to stringent testing and quality control procedures to guarantee its effectiveness, dependability, and capacity to remove impurities from the oil.


Efficiency of Filtration: The 7143220017 oil filter effectively Nissens Engine Oil contaminants from engine oil, guaranteeing its purity and preserving appropriate lubrication for engine parts.


Specifically made to match some Land Rover models, compatibility guarantees correct installation and smooth operation of the engine system.


Made of materials that are strong enough to survive the pressures and conditions of operation inside the engine’s lubricating system.

Engine Protection: By guaranteeing that the engine’s components are clean and well oiled, dependable oil filtration contributes to the engine’s protection and extends its lifespan.

In conclusion, the Meyle Oil Filter 7143220017, commonly referred to as LR096524, is a crucial part of keeping Land Rover vehicles’ lubrication systems effective and clean. It plays a critical role in guaranteeing optimal engine performance and longevity in Land Rover models due to its effective filtration capabilities, compatibility, durability, and contribution to engine protection.

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