Nissens Compressor Clutch LR012593

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Nissens Compressor Clutch LR012593


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DISCOVERY 3 2005 – 2009 CLASSIC AJ Petrol 4.4 V8 EFI 

RANGE ROVER SPORT 2005 – 2009 4.2 V8 Supercharged

RANGE ROVER SPORT 2005 – 2009 AJ Petrol 4.4 V8 EFI 

The Nissens Compressor Clutch LR012593 is an essential part designed for Land Rover automobiles. This compressor clutch makes it easier to engage and disengage the compressor as needed, and it is intended to work with the car’s air conditioning system. Its accurate construction guarantees effective cooling performance and seamless air conditioning system operation.


The LR012593 compressor clutch regulates the compressor’s on and off states when it is part of the air conditioning system. The clutch facilitates the cooling process by allowing the compressor to pressurize and move refrigerant throughout the system when it is engaged. The clutch disengages the compressor to stop overcooling and save energy once the target temperature is attained.


The LR012593 Nissens Compressor Clutch, a recognized supplier of car parts, and is put through a rigorous quality testing process to guarantee its dependability and longevity. Built with premium components and meticulously designed to adhere to exacting specifications.


Designed exclusively for Land Rover automobiles, the LR012593 compressor clutch provides smooth integration and compatibility with a range of models. Fits precisely within the air conditioning system, whether installed in a Range Rover, Discovery, or other Land Rover vehicles.

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