Mahle Expansion Overflow Tank LR023077

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Mahle Expansion Overflow Tank LR023077


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RANGE ROVER 2010 – 2012 5.0L OHC SGDI NA V8 Petrol – AJ133 

The Mahle Expansion Overflow Tank LR023077 is a vital part intended for use in a variety of automobiles, including Land Rover models. This tank serves as a reservoir for extra coolant, giving the cooling system of the car somewhere to store extra coolant in case it expands or contracts.


The LR023077 overflow tank is installed inside the engine compartment and is connected by hoses to the coolant system or radiator. As the engine runs, the coolant expands and warms up, causing the cooling system to become overpressurized. This extra coolant can flow into the expansion overflow tank, keeping the system from overpressurizing. The coolant shrinks as the engine cools, and any extra coolant that is kept in the tank is re-injected into the system to keep the coolant levels at the right levels. This procedure aids in controlling engine temperature and guards against overheating.


The Mahle Expansion Overflow Tank LR023077 is made from premium materials that were selected for their chemical compatibility with coolant, heat resistance, and durability. It is crafted to fulfill strict industry requirements. Mahle guarantees performance and dependability throughout production by implementing strict quality control procedures.


The LR023077 Mahle Expansion Overflow Tank is designed to handle coolant effectively in a variety of vehicles, including Land Rover models. Because of the way it is made, coolant expansion and contraction may be accommodated, keeping the cooling system from becoming overly pressurized and preserving the ideal engine temperature.

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