Lemforder Upper Suspension Control Arm LR018343

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Lemforder Upper Suspension Control Arm LR018343


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RANGE ROVER 2010 – 2012

An integral part of a car’s suspension system is the Lemforder Upper Suspension Control Arm LR018343. It links the wheel hub to the chassis in order to give stability and control when driving. This control arm is made of sturdy materials, so it will last a long time and function dependably even on rough roads.

How It Works: 

The Lemforder Upper Suspension Control Arm LR018343 connects the car’s chassis to the wheel hub. It is essential for controlling how the wheels move and dampening vibrations and shocks to provide a more comfortable ride. It assists in maintaining correct alignment and geometry, guaranteeing responsive steering and ideal handling, by joining different suspension components.


Car parts are a hallmark of Lemforder’s production, and the LR018343 Upper Suspension Control Arm is no different. Strict quality standards are followed during manufacturing, and extensive testing is done to guarantee performance and longevity. Every element of this control arm, from its sturdy build to its exact engineering, embodies Lemforder’s dedication to quality.

Compatible Vehicle types:

The Lemforder Upper Suspension Control Arm LR018343 is made to precisely match a certain number of car types. Its engineering ensures a precise fit and seamless integration with the current suspension system, making it compatible with a wide range of makes and models. Before installing, customers can verify compatibility by consulting the manufacturer’s compatibility table or consulting with automobile professionals.

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