Lemforder Upper Control Arm LR130399

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Lemforder Upper Control Arm LR130399


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The Lemforder Upper Control Arm LR130399 is a crucial component specifically designed for Land Rover vehicles. It’s highly regarded for its quality, durability, and reliability, particularly in maintaining proper suspension geometry and wheel alignment.



The primary function of the Upper Control Arm LR130399 is to connect the upper part of the suspension to the vehicle’s frame or body. This arm is pivotal in controlling the movement of the wheels and ensuring stability and control during driving. Its design allows it to pivot and move with the suspension, facilitating smooth operation and minimizing vibrations and noise. By providing a stable connection between the suspension components and the vehicle’s body, the control arm contributes significantly to a comfortable and controlled ride.



Crafted with precision and manufactured using top-quality materials, the Lemforder Upper Control Arm LR130399 is built to withstand the rigors of daily driving and various road conditions. It undergoes stringent testing to ensure durability, reliability, and long-lasting performance. With its superior construction and adherence to strict quality standards, this control arm offers peace of mind to Land Rover owners, assuring them of its ability to deliver optimal suspension performance.



The Lemforder Upper Control Arm LR130399 is specifically engineered to seamlessly integrate with Land Rover vehicles, ensuring proper fitment and compatibility. It is meticulously designed to meet the manufacturer’s specifications and performance standards, ensuring precise control and stability without compromising safety or quality. Whether driving on highways or challenging off-road terrain, this control arm provides dependable handling, enhancing the overall driving experience.


Overall, the Lemforder Upper Control Arm LR130399 stands as a trusted component, offering superior performance and durability for Land Rover vehicles, ensuring smooth and controlled suspension operation for years to come.

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