Lemforder Suspension Control Arm LR117883

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Lemforder Suspension Control Arm LR117883


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Lemforder Suspension Control Arm LR117883


LR117883, also known as the Lemforder Suspension Control Arm, is an essential part that helps and supports the suspension system’s movement in automobiles. This  is made by reputable automotive component provider Lemforder, provides accuracy engineering, longevity, and dependability for the best suspension performance.


 The suspension arm (LR117883) is an essential component that connects the suspension parts to the car’s chassis. It absorbs and distributes forces that are transferred between the wheels and the chassis during driving, assisting in the maintenance of good wheel alignment, stability, and handling. Furthermore, the arm’s design makes it possible to precisely alter the suspension geometry, improving performance and ride quality.


Precision engineering and craftsmanship are hallmarks of Lemforder’s reputation, and the LR117883 suspension control arm is a prime example of this commitment. This control arm is built using premium materials and has undergone extensive testing to ensure that it satisfies strict durability and reliability requirements. Owners of vehicles can feel confident knowing that every control arm from Lemforder offers reliable performance and durability.


 The LR117883 suspension arm provides wide compatibility and smooth integration with various suspension systems. It is made to fit a range of car makes and models. Its exact measurements and engineering guarantee that it fits and aligns correctly with the suspension parts of the car, preserving the best possible handling, comfort, and stability. This  offers dependability and performance whether it is installed as an upgrade or as a replacement component for your car.

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