Lemforder suspension arm LR051594

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Lemforder suspension arm LR051594


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DISCOVERY 4 2010 – 2016


The suspension arm, sometimes referred to as a wishbone or control arm, is essential for preserving correct wheel alignment, managing wheel movement, and cushioning bumps and vibrations on the road. With its careful construction, the Lemforder Suspension Arm LR051594 provides dependable performance and longevity, which enhances ride comfort and precise handling. Smooth articulation and suspension travel are made possible by its sturdy structure, which guarantees maximum strength and flexibility and improves the vehicle’s driving dynamics and stability.


The Suspension Arm LR051594 is made by Lemforder, a well-known producer of auto suspension parts, using premium materials and cutting-edge production processes. It is put through a comprehensive testing process to guarantee longevity, corrosion resistance, and reliable operation in a range of driving situations. This is built to endure the rigors of both daily driving and off-road adventures. Its structural integrity and functionality are maintained throughout time, guaranteeing dependable performance on a variety of terrains.


Particularly made to work with a variety of Land Rover automobiles, such as Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender models, is the LR051594 suspension arm. This Lemforder part is engineered to precisely match the suspension geometry and chassis design of every vehicle, guaranteeing correct fit and seamless integration. Whether upgrading for better performance or swapping out a worn-out.

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