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Lemforder Control Arm LR171072


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Lemforder Control Arm LR171072




For use in Land Rover automobiles, the Lemforder Control Arm LR171072 is an aftermarket replacement component. Lemforder is a reliable manufacturer of high-quality car components, and they make this control arm. It connects the wheel hub to the chassis and supports the vehicle’s weight, making it an essential part of the suspension system.


As the car goes over humpbacks and uneven terrain, the Lemforder Control Arm LR171072 functions similarly to the original Land Rover component by acting as a pivot point for the wheel hub to move up and down. It also offers stability while cornering and aids in keeping the wheels in their optimum alignment. Because the control arm is constructed with high-quality materials, it will be able to endure the rigors and strains of regular driving.


Premium materials are used in the construction of the Lemforder Control Arm LR171072 to guarantee sturdiness and long-lasting functionality. Because of its resistance to wear and corrosion, the control arm will continue to have structural integrity over time. It is produced in accordance with stringent quality requirements, guaranteeing dependable operation and durability.


To ensure a correct fit and operation, the Lemforder Control Arm LR171072 is intended to be compatible with Land Rover vehicles. It is a great option for Land Rover owners who want to replace their control arms since it is made to accommodate the front or rear suspension systems of different models. 


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