Land Rover Genuine Windscreen Washer Bottle Cap LR002266

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Land Rover Genuine Windscreen Washer Bottle Cap LR002266


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DISCOVERY 4 2010 – 2016


FREELANDER 2 2006 – 2014



LR002266, the Genuine Windscreen Washer Bottle Cap, is an essential part made specifically for Land Rover automobiles. The purpose of this cap is to seal the windscreen washer bottle and stop leaks and washer fluid contamination. It guarantees correct operation and washer system protection with its well-crafted design and premium components.


The LR002266 cap, which sits atop the windscreen washer bottle, creates a tight seal that keeps washer fluid from leaking or evaporating. Additionally, it aids in keeping impurities, dirt, and debris out of the washer fluid reservoir, preserving the fluid’s effectiveness and cleanliness for the best possible windshield washing. To improve sealing, the cap could have an integrated gasket or seal.


The LR002266 Genuine Windscreen Washer Bottle Cap is made as an authentic Land Rover part and is subjected to rigorous quality testing to ensure that it meets exacting requirements. Made from strong materials that can withstand weather, chemicals, and mechanical strain, it provides long-lasting protection and performance. Owners of Land Rover vehicles may be certain of the quality and dependability of their caps because the company maintains stringent quality control procedures to guarantee that every cap satisfies or beyond OEM requirements.


Designed with Genuine Windscreen Washer Bottle Cap, the LR002266 washer bottle cap fits and functions seamlessly with a range of models. This authentic part fits into the washer system perfectly, regardless of whether it is installed in a Range Rover, Discovery, or another Land Rover vehicle. The LR002266 washer bottle cap offers dependable protection and a tight seal for the washer fluid reservoir of Land Rover vehicles, allowing drivers to see clearly while driving.

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