Land Rover Genuine Thermistor NTC3459

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Land Rover Genuine Thermistor NTC3459


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DEFENDER 1987 – 2006


The Land Rover Genuine Thermistor NTC3459 is an essential part of engine management. It is made to measure temperature variations in the engine’s cooling system. This thermistor aids in controlling engine operating temperatures, maximizing fuel combustion, and preventing overheating by precisely sensing temperature changes. The engine control unit (ECU) can regulate fuel flow and ignition timing to ensure optimal engine performance under a range of driving circumstances thanks to its accurate sensing capabilities.


Made with premium materials and cutting-edge production methods, the Land Rover Genuine Thermistor NTC3459 is an outstanding example of durability and craftsmanship. Every thermistor is subjected to rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures to guarantee that it satisfies Land Rover’s exacting standards for dependability and performance. This thermistor, which is designed to endure the harsh circumstances found in the engine compartment, provides consistent and long-lasting temperature sensing accuracy, adding to the overall dependability of Land Rover automobiles.


The Land Rover Genuine Thermistor NTC3459 has been engineered to ensure compatibility with a wide range of Land Rover vehicle models and engine configurations. This thermistor offers global compatibility and may be used in utility cars, luxury SUVs, and tough off-road vehicles. It integrates easily with the engine management system. Its exact measurements and OEM standards guarantee a flawless fit, making installation and maintenance easier for enthusiasts and professionals in the automobile industry.

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