Land Rover Genuine Tailgate Emblem LR113646

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Land Rover Genuine Tailgate Emblem LR113646


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Land Rover Genuine Tailgate Emblem LR113646


The LR113646 Land Rover Genuine Tailgate Emblem is a unique symbol intended to be affixed to the tailboard of Land Rover automobiles, contributing a sense of refinement and individuality to the vehicle’s external appearance. This authentic emblem is made in accordance with Land Rover’s exact specifications, guaranteeing longevity, excellence, and a smooth and seamless fit with the car’s aesthetic.


 The LR113646 tailboard emblem improves the outside appearance and identity of the car by acting as a visual representation of the Land Rover brand. Placed proudly on the tailboard, this insignia completes the car’s look and indicates that it is affiliated with the luxury Land Rover brand.


The Land Rover Genuine Tailboard Emblem LR113646 is made using premium materials and is subjected to strict quality control procedures to ensure that it satisfies Land Rover’s requirements for dependability and longevity. This emblem’s durability and visual attractiveness are ensured by its ability to survive exposure to a variety of weather conditions and environmental elements. It also maintains its appearance over time.


The LR113646 tailboard emblem is designed to be easily installed. It can be firmly attached to the tailboard using mounting hardware or adhesive backing that Land Rover provides. Its exact measurements and design guarantee a smooth fit and alignment with the bodywork of the car, preserving the vehicle’s brand identity and aesthetic integrity.

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