Land Rover Genuine tailgate emblem LR078572

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Land Rover Genuine tailgate emblem LR078572


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This tailgate insignia clearly shows the Land Rover brand name and badge on the back side of the car, making it a unique visual identification. Its placement on the tailgate improves the car’s aesthetic appeal and conveys the craftsmanship, legacy, and status that are connected to the Land Rover brand. The Land Rover Genuine Tailgate Emblem LR078572 is expertly made to resist weather exposure, preserving its flawless appearance and elevating the overall design of the car.


Made with premium materials and precise engineering methods, the Genuine Tailgate Emblem LR078572 is crafted to meet Land Rover’s stringent standards. To guarantee robustness, resilience to weather, and preservation of attractiveness over time, it goes through extensive testing. This symbol is designed to endure UV rays, temperature changes, and environmental pollutants. Its glossy surface and vivid colors remain intact over time, adding to the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.


Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender models are just a few of the Land Rover Genuine tailgate emblem automobiles with which the LR078572 tailgate emblem is intended to work. This authentic Land Rover component is engineered to precisely match the rear external design criteria of every vehicle, guaranteeing correct fit and seamless integration. It can be fitted as an accessory to customize the look of the car or used to replace worn-out or broken emblems. With genuine Land Rover components, owners can confidently maintain the authenticity and aesthetic appeal of their vehicle thanks to this compatibility.


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