Land Rover Genuine Shock Absorber LR052866

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Land Rover Genuine Shock Absorber  LR052866


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The Land Rover Genuine Absorber LR052866 is an essential part made especially for Land Rover automobiles. As a component of the suspension system, this shock absorber helps to keep the car stable and reduce vibrations when driving.


The LR052866 shock absorber, which is mounted between the car’s chassis and axle, absorbs and releases kinetic energy produced by irregularities in the road and vehicle motion. It contributes to reducing excessive swaying, vibration, and bouncing, giving passengers a smooth and comfortable journey.


Made to Land Rover’s stringent specifications, the LR052866 absorber is composed of premium materials that were selected for their strength, resilience, and functional qualities. Thorough testing processes assure dependable performance and longevity by confirming that the absorber satisfies Land Rover’s exacting quality standards. Its authentic Land Rover design guarantees exact fitment and harmony with the suspension system of the car.


The LR052866 shock absorber is designed to give Land Rover automobiles the best possible damping performance and stability. Its sturdy build and careful engineering make sure that kinetic energy is absorbed and dispersed efficiently, improving handling and control of the vehicle. This authentic Land Rover shock absorber improves driving comfort and safety by preserving optimum suspension dynamics, even on rough terrain.

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