Land Rover Genuine Rocker Cover LR001978

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Land Rover Genuine Rocker Cover LR001978


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FREELANDER 2 2006 – 2014 3.2L DOHC MPI Petrol 

The Land Rover Genuine Rocker Cover (LR001978) is an essential part made specifically for Land Rover automobiles. The cylinder head and internal engine parts are carefully sealed and protected by this rocker cover, sometimes called a valve cover. It guarantees optimal engine efficiency and lubrication thanks to its precise construction and high-quality materials.


The LR001978 Land Rover Genuine Rocker Cover, which sits atop the cylinder head, encloses the top part of the engine and keeps impurities out. It allows access to the valve adjustment mechanism and houses the valvetrain’s parts, such as the springs, camshafts, and valves. In addition, the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) system components and oil filler cap are located on the rocker cover, which helps with engine lubrication and pollution control.


The LR001978 rocker cover is made as an authentic Land Rover part and is put through a rigorous quality testing process to guarantee its longevity and dependability. Made from premium materials that are resistant to heat, oil, and engine fluids, it provides the engine with long-lasting performance and protection. Owners of Land Rover vehicles may be certain of the quality and performance of their rocker covers since the company maintains stringent quality control procedures to guarantee that every rocker cover meets or surpasses OEM specifications.


 Designed exclusively for Land Rover Genuine Rocker Cover the LR001978 rocker cover provides smooth installation and compatibility with a range of models. Installed in a Range Rover, Discovery, or other Land Rover vehicle, this original part fits into the engine assembly perfectly. Owners of Land Rovers can rely on the LR001978 rocker cover to properly seal and protect the engine, guaranteeing long-term and optimal performance.

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