Land Rover Genuine Release Cable LR121384

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Land Rover Genuine Release Cable LR121384


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Land Rover Genuine Release Cable LR121384



The LR121384 Genuine Land Rover Release Cable is an essential part that is used to activate the release mechanism of many car systems, like tailgates, trunks, and hoods. This authentic release cable, which is made to meet Land Rover’s exact specifications, guarantees dependable and seamless functioning and provides easy access to the car’s interior compartments.


The LR121384 release cable connects the target compartment’s latch mechanism to the vehicle’s interior release lever. The cable transfers the pulling power to the latch upon activation of the release lever, disengaging it and permitting the compartment to open. This allows users to enter areas that are allocated for specific purposes, such the trunk for storage or the hood for engine maintenance.


Made with premium components and put through a comprehensive testing process, the Land Rover Genuine Cable LR121384 satisfies Land Rover’s exacting requirements for dependability and durability. Owners of vehicles can be reassured of the release cable’s lifetime and efficiency in operating the release mechanism by the rigorous quality control checks that are applied to each one.


 Designed with Land Rover vehicles in mind, the LR121384 cable provides smooth compatibility and integration with the vehicle’s release systems. Its exact measurements and construction guarantee a snug fit and alignment with the latch and release lever, preserving dependable and seamless functioning. This authentic  offers dependable performance and piece of mind whether it’s being used as a replacement or for auto maintenance.

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