Land Rover Genuine Rear License Plate Lamp LR037612

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Land Rover Genuine Rear License Plate Lamp LR037612


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The LR037612, a genuine Land Rover rear plate lamp, is a crucial part that lights up the license plate on the back of the car. This authentic lamp is made with durability and accuracy to guarantee that the license plate is visible in accordance with the law while also improving the overall appearance of the car. Engineered to satisfy Land Rover’s exacting quality requirements, LR037612 gives car owners assurance regarding its dependability and efficiency.

License Plate Illumination: 

The license plate light located on the back of the car, LR037612, is an essential component that keeps the plate visible at night or in poor light. In addition to being necessary for legal compliance, properly illuminated license improve vehicle safety by making it easier for other drivers and law enforcement to identify the vehicle.

Material and Construction

: LR037612 is made of premium materials and is designed to survive exposure to a variety of environmental factors, including vibrations, moisture, and dust. The light is made to last a long time and keep its brightness, so it will continue to function consistently and dependably throughout the duration of the vehicle. The general dependability and safety of the car are enhanced by its sturdy structure.

accommodate and Compatibility:

 The LR037612 is made especially to accommodate Land Rover vehicles that have compatible rear license plate light setups. Its exact measurements and mounting locations guarantee a good fit and easy installation, enabling a smooth integration with the back of the car. LR037612, whether used as a replacement part or for normal maintenance, ensures that the rear plate is properly illuminated, which satisfies legal requirements and improves the vehicle’s visibility and safety.

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