Land Rover Genuine Radiator Hose PCH502341

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Land Rover Genuine Radiator Hose PCH502341


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RANGE ROVER 2002 – 2009 4.4 V8 EFI 

The Land Rover Genuine Radiator Hose PCH502341 is a vital component of the vehicle’s cooling system, responsible for transferring coolant between the engine and the radiator. Here’s a detailed description covering its working mechanism, quality, and capabilities:


Working Mechanism:

The Radiator Hose PCH502341 serves as a conduit for coolant flow within the vehicle’s cooling system. It connects the engine to the radiator, allowing coolant to circulate between the two components. As the engine heats up during operation, coolant flows through the hose from the radiator to the engine, absorbing heat. Once the coolant has absorbed heat from the engine, it returns to the radiator through the hose, where it releases heat to the surrounding air and is cooled before being recirculated through the engine.



Crafted to meet Land Rover’s stringent quality standards, the PCH502341 Radiator Hose is manufactured using durable materials selected for their resistance to heat, pressure, and chemical corrosion. Land Rover Genuine Parts undergo thorough testing to ensure reliability, longevity, and compatibility with Land Rover vehicles. This ensures that the radiator performs optimally under various driving conditions, providing efficient cooling and preventing coolant leaks or hose failure.



The PCH502341 Radiator Hose is specifically engineered to seamlessly integrate into Land Rover vehicles, including models such as the Defender, Discovery, Range Rover, and others. Its precise design and compatibility ensure easy installation and proper functioning within the cooling system. By effectively transferring coolant between the engine and radiator, the radiator helps regulate engine temperature, prevent overheating, and maintain optimal operating conditions for engine performance and longevity.

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