Land Rover Genuine Radiator Hose LR011360

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Land Rover Genuine Radiator Hose LR011360


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RANGE ROVER 2010 – 2012

The genuine Land Rover radiator hose (LR011360) is an essential part made especially for Land Rover automobiles. This hose is essential to the cooling system of the car because it makes it easier for coolant to move from the radiator to the engine.


The LR011360 hose, which is installed inside the engine compartment, allows coolant to flow between the radiator and the engine. Coolant collects heat produced by the engine during operation and transfers it to the radiator, where it dissipates into the surrounding atmosphere. The cooling cycle is subsequently finished when the cooled coolant is returned to the engine through the hose. Through temperature regulation of the engine, the hose helps guard against overheating and guarantees longevity and optimal performance.


The Genuine Radiator Hose LR011360 is made from premium materials that are selected for their strength, flexibility, and resilience to heat and pressure. It is crafted to meet Land Rover’s strict specifications. Extensive testing processes guarantee dependable performance and longevity by confirming that the hose satisfies Land Rover’s exacting quality requirements. Its authentic Land Rover design guarantees exact fit and harmony with the cooling system of the car.


The LR011360 Genuine Land Rover Radiator Hose is designed to provide effective coolant circulation in Land Rover automobiles. Because of its sturdy build and well-thought-out design, coolant is efficiently transported between the radiator and engine, helping to regulate engine temperature.

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