Land Rover Genuine O Ring JUU500040

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Land Rover Genuine O Ring JUU500040


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DISCOVERY 4 2010 – 2016 V6 4.0 EFI
DISCOVERY 4 2010 – 2016
DISCOVERY 4 2010 – 2016 2.7 V6
RANGE ROVER SPORT 2010 – 2013 3.6L V8 32V DOHC EFi Diesel

The Land Rover Genuine O-Ring JUU500040 is a high-quality sealing component specifically designed for Land Rover vehicles, known for its reliability, durability, and effectiveness in sealing fluid or gas connections to prevent leaks.



The primary function of the Land Rover Genuine O Ring JUU500040 is to create a tight seal between mating surfaces, such as pipes, hoses, or fittings, to prevent the leakage of fluids or gases. This  is designed to withstand compression and maintain its sealing integrity even under high pressure or temperature conditions. It ensures that fluid systems within the vehicle, such as coolant, oil, or fuel systems, remain sealed and operate efficiently without any leaks.



Crafted with precision and manufactured using premium-grade materials, the Land Rover Genuine  JUU500040 is built to withstand the demands of automotive applications and exposure to various environmental conditions. It undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its durability, reliability, and longevity, providing consistent sealing performance over time. With its superior construction, this genuine offers peace of mind to Land Rover owners, knowing that it will effectively seal fluid connections and prevent leaks.



The Land Rover Genuine O Ring JUU500040 is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with Land Rover vehicles, ensuring proper fitment and compatibility. This genuine part is engineered to meet the manufacturer’s specifications and performance standards, delivering optimal sealing performance without compromising quality or functionality. Whether used in engine components, transmission systems, or other vehicle systems, this  provides reliable sealing, ensuring the integrity of fluid connections.


Overall, the Land Rover Genuine O Ring JUU500040 stands as a trusted component for Land Rover vehicles, offering effective sealing and preventing leaks in fluid or gas systems.


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