Land Rover Genuine HVAC Heater Hose PCH501084

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Land Rover Genuine HVAC Heater Hose PCH501084


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DISCOVERY 3 2005 – 2009 CLASSIC 4.4 V8 EFI 

RANGE ROVER SPORT 2005 – 2009 4.4 V8 EFI 


Specifically made for Land Rover models, the Land Rover Genuine HVAC Heater Hose PCH501084 is an essential part of the HVAC system in the car. This pipe makes it easier for coolant to move from the engine to the heater core, which helps the car’s interior stay warm in cold weather.


The heater core, which is housed inside the car’s HVAC system, receives hot coolant from the engine through the PCH501084 heater line. The vehicle’s vents transmit heated air over the heater core, which is blasted with hot coolant to provide warmth to the occupants inside the cabin. The hose is designed to endure elevated temperatures and coolant pressures, guaranteeing dependable operation even under strenuous driving circumstances.


The PCH501084 HVAC heater hose is made to meet the exacting standards of Land Rover. It is made of sturdy materials that are selected based on their ability to withstand heat, coolant, and climatic conditions. Extensive testing processes assure longevity and dependability by confirming that the hose satisfies Land Rover’s performance criteria and specifications. Its authentic Land Rover design guarantees a perfect fit and harmony with the HVAC system of the car.


The HVAC heater hose PCH501084 is essential to keeping the car’s heating system operating properly and keeping the passengers’ cabin at a pleasant temperature. Its precision engineering and sturdy construction allow it to endure harsh driving conditions and large temperature swings.

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