Land Rover Genuine Hose Clamp JHC301720

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Land Rover Genuine Hose Clamp JHC301720


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S-TYPE 1999 – 2008 CLASSIC

XJ 2003 – 2009 (From G00442 to H32732) CLASSIC

XJ Series (From (V)812317 to (V)F59525 (Canada/Mexico/USA)

XJ Series From (V)812317 to (V)F59525 (X308)

XK8 Coupe/Convertible – Canada/USA up to (V) 042775

XK8 Coupe/Convertible From (V) A00083 To (V) A30644

XK8 Coupe/Convertible From (V) A30645

XK8 Coupe/Convertible up to (V) 042775

The JHC301720 Land Rover Genuine Hose Clamp is a crucial part intended for use with Land Rover automobiles. The purpose of this well designed hose clamp is to firmly secure hoses in the car’s systems, guaranteeing adequate sealing and averting leaks. Its precise structure and high-quality materials are essential for preserving the fluid systems integrity of the vehicle.


 The JHC301720 hose clamp is used to install around hoses in the vehicle’s fluid systems. It creates a tight seal by applying constant pressure, which successfully stops fluid leaks. Even when subjected to pressure or vibration, it firmly holds hoses in place, preventing disconnection or movement. The shape of the clamp makes installation and adjustment simple and guarantees dependable sealing performance.


The JHC301720 Land Rover Genuine Hose Clamp is manufactured as an authentic Land Rover component and is put through a rigorous testing process to guarantee its longevity and dependability. It provides long-lasting performance since it is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to heat, corrosion, and mechanical stress.

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