Land Rover Genuine Fuel Injector MJY100620L

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Land Rover Genuine Fuel Injector MJY100620L


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FREELANDER 1996 – 2006 CLASSIC 2.5 KV6 Petrol


Specifically made for Land Rover models, the Land Rover Genuine Fuel Injector MJY100620L is an essential part of the car’s fuel delivery system. This fuel injector is in charge of accurately supplying gasoline to the engine’s combustion chamber, resulting in effective combustion and peak engine performance.


The engine control unit (ECU) sends signals to the fuel injector, which then uses those signals to calculate the precise amount of fuel needed for combustion based on the engine speed, load, and temperature, among other variables. The injector sends a little mist of fuel into the combustion chamber or the intake manifold as soon as it receives the signal. The engine is powered by the spark plug, which ignites the highly flammable air-fuel mixture created when the atomized fuel combines with the incoming air.


The MJY100620L fuel injector is made to the highest standards of durability and quality as an authentic Land Rover part. It is built to survive both off-road excursions and the challenging circumstances seen while driving regularly. Thorough testing guarantees that the injector satisfies Land Rover’s exacting standards for performance and dependability, giving owners peace of mind regarding the fuel delivery system in their car.


To ensure ideal engine performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions management, the MJY100620L  injector is made to deliver accurate amounts of fuel under a range of driving circumstances. Its durable design and cutting-edge technology enable it to survive the rigours of contemporary engines, promoting longevity and smooth operation.

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