Land Rover Genuine Front Door Lock LR091524

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Land Rover Genuine Front Door Lock  LR091524


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DISCOVERY 4 2010 – 2016



The Land Rover Genuine Front Door Lock LR091524 is a crucial component designed specifically for Land Rover vehicles. This door lock assembly is installed on the front doors of the vehicle, providing security and functionality by allowing the doors to be securely locked and unlocked from both the exterior and interior.


The LR091524 front door lock assembly enables the driver and passengers to lock and unlock the front doors using a key from the exterior or via the interior door handle or central locking system. It features mechanisms that ensure smooth and reliable operation, allowing for easy access to the vehicle while maintaining security against unauthorized entry.


Crafted to Land Rover’s exacting standards, the LR091524 door lock assembly is manufactured from high-quality materials chosen for their durability and reliability. Rigorous testing procedures ensure that the door lock meets Land Rover’s performance requirements, guaranteeing longevity and consistent functionality. Its genuine Land Rover design ensures compatibility and seamless integration with the vehicle’s door mechanism.


The LR091524 front door lock provides dependable security and convenience for Land Rover owners. Its robust construction and precise engineering ensure smooth operation and durability, even under regular use and various environmental conditions. By effectively securing the front doors, this genuine Land Rover door lock assembly helps protect occupants and belongings while enhancing the overall driving experience.


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