Land Rover Genuine Exhaust Manifold Gasket LKG100290L

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Land Rover Genuine Exhaust Manifold Gasket LKG100290L


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FREELANDER 1996 – 2006 CLASSIC 2.5 KV6 Petrol 

The LKG100290L Land Rover Genuine Exhaust Manifold Gasket is an essential part made specifically for Land Rover automobiles. With careful craftsmanship, this gasket seals the gap between the cylinder head and exhaust manifold, eliminating leaks and guaranteeing effective engine operation. Efficiently constructed using high-grade materials, it is essential for preserving the exhaust system’s integrity.


 The LKG100290L gasket is installed between the Genuine Exhaust Manifold Gasket and the cylinder head to provide a tight seal that keeps exhaust gases from escaping. It prevents leaks by withstanding the high pressures and temperatures produced by the engine’s exhaust gases. The gasket lowers pollutants while preserving engine performance and economy by properly sealing the connection.


 The LKG100290L exhaust manifold gasket is made as an authentic Land Rover part and is put through a rigorous testing process to guarantee its dependability and longevity. Because it is made of premium materials like metal, graphite, or multi-layer steel, it has exceptional sealing and heat resistant capabilities. Land Rover upholds stringent quality control procedures to guarantee that every gasket fulfils or surpasses original equipment requirements, giving car owners assurance about its calibre and efficiency.


Designed exclusively for Land Rover automobiles, the LKG100290L Genuine Exhaust Manifold Gasket provides smooth installation and compatibility with a range of models. This authentic part fits into the exhaust system of Land Rover models such as Discovery, Range Rover, and others without any issues. Owners of Land Rovers can rely on the LKG100290L exhaust manifold gasket to reliably and efficiently seal the exhaust manifold-cylinder head connection, guaranteeing peak engine performance.

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