Land Rover Genuine Engine Mounting FY112056

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Land Rover Genuine Engine Mounting FY112056


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DEFENDER 2007 – 2016


DISCOVERY 4 2010 – 2016


DISCOVERY SPORT 2015  2.2L CR DI 16V Diesel

Stable Engine Support: 

The Engine Mounting FY112056 is painstakingly designed to offer the engine steady support, guaranteeing correct alignment and minimizing engine component stress. It can sustain the weight of the engine and the forces produced during operation because to its sturdy construction and accurate design, ensuring maximum engine longevity and performance. Land Rover Genuine Engine Mounting owners can reduce the possibility of damage or misalignment by using this genuine mounting, which increases confidence in the quality of the engine’s installation.

Vibration Dampening: 

The Land Rover Genuine Engine Mounting FY112056 is intended to mitigate vibrations that are transferred from the engine to the vehicle’s chassis, thereby assisting in the reduction of noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) levels within the cabin. Its carefully designed aluminium and rubber composition absorbs and disperses engine vibrations, making driving more comfortable and elegant. This real installation reduces noise and vibration from the vehicle (NVH), which improves passenger comfort and overall driving enjoyment, especially at idling and low speeds.

Durability and Reliability: 

The Engine Mounting FY112056 provides outstanding durability and reliability because it is made of premium materials and has undergone extensive testing. This real mounting is built to endure the rigors of regular driving and challenging operational environments, maintaining both its structural integrity and functionality over time. Its robust structure and corrosion-resistant qualities guarantee long-lasting operation, giving drivers peace of mind and confidence in the dependability of their car.

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