Land Rover Genuine Door moulding LR125981

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Land Rover Genuine Door moulding LR125981


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The Land Rover Genuine Door Moulding LR125981 is an essential external part that is made to improve the vehicle’s doors’ protective qualities and visual appeal. This door molding offers both style and usefulness. It is made by Land Rover, a reputable automobile part manufacturer, with accuracy and durability. With its high-quality engineering, LR125981 gives car owners trust in its dependability and efficiency.


The LR125981 Door moulding protects the door panels from dings, dents, and other minor impacts while also improving the vehicle’s overall appearance. It helps to preserve the integrity of the door surface by serving as a barrier to keep out debris and other road dangers. Furthermore, the molding gives the car a distinctive visual component that enhances its distinctive appearance and feel.

Material and Construction: 

The LR125981Door mouldingis made of premium materials and is designed to endure daily driving abuse as well as a variety of environmental conditions. Because of its sturdy design, it will last a long time and resist wear and tear while keeping its appearance and performance. The purpose of the molding is to increase the total value of the vehicle by offering dependable protection and visual enhancement.

Fit and Compatibility:

 The LR125981 door molding is made especially to fit a variety of Land Rover models, guaranteeing a precise fit and smooth transition with the external styling of the car. Its exact measurements and fittings guarantee an easy installation, making replacement or upgrading hassle-free. The vehicle gains both functionality and aesthetic appeal when the LR125981 door molding is added, whether it is utilized as a maintenance or style addition.

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