Land Rover Genuine Door Mirror Glass LR013779

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Land Rover Genuine Door Mirror Glass LR013779


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Land Rover Genuine Door Mirror Glass LR013779

DISCOVERY 4 2010 – 2016

FREELANDER 2 2006 – 2014


The Land Rover Genuine Door Mirror Glass LR013779 is a crucial part of the external mirror assembly of the car, and it’s made to give the driver unobstructed, clear vision. This mirror glass is made in accordance with Land Rover’s exact specifications, guaranteeing maximum visibility and safety when driving.


The LR013779 door mirror glass is mounted inside the external mirror housing and acts as a reflecting surface to let the driver see items next to and behind the car. It gives the motorist an exact and clear representation of the surroundings, empowering them to make wise choices while changing lanes, merging, or parking. Because of the mirror glass’s ability to tolerate a range of weather conditions and vibrations from the road, it offers dependable performance and vision in all driving scenarios.


The Genuine Door Mirror Glass LR013779 is a testament to Land Rover’s dedication to quality and longevity. It passes rigorous testing to guarantee optical correctness, clarity, and durability. This mirror glass is very resistant to scratches, impacts, and environmental factors because it is made of high-quality components. Its exact curve and reflective coating guarantee distortion-free visibility and long-lasting dependability.


 Made especially for Land Rover automobiles, the Genuine Door Mirror Glass LR013779 ensures smooth integration and compatibility with the exterior mirror assembly of the car. Its engineering and exact measurements guarantee a perfect fit and simple installation, making replacement quick and painless. Land Rover maintains high standards for accuracy and dependability with this mirror glass, which may be used for regular maintenance or as a replacement item. 


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